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Two Clubs to Choose From

rouge “The ROUGE” -
Our fiercely independent Jack Russell terrier is the inspiration for this red-wine-only club. You like red wines and don’t want to be bothered with white wines — we get it. Two bottles per shipment including all of our Pinot Noirs, Cabernet, Zinfandel and Tempranillo, along with a few surprises.
$40 -$60 per shipment. Quarterly Shipments per year
ealanor “The MIX” -
Named after our beloved beagle, Eleanor loves everyone and every wine we make here at Oreana. Each shipment includes a bottle of red and white wines, including the above mentioned red and our white selections — Chardonnay, Verdelho, Pinot Grigio and more.
$40 - $60 per shipment. Quarterly Shipments per year
(Credit Card Payment Only. Price listed in store is for the first shipment. Subsequent shipments will be charged to your credit card.
Please No Paypal for Wine Club because of recurring payments. No Promotional Codes Allowed.

Once your information has been processed for our Cellar Club,  your first shipment will be sent out within 2 weeks. 
This may or may not coincide with our shipping dates.
You will then be put into the regular rotation of bimonthly shipments.

With every wine shipment, Cellar Club members receive information about the wines,
recipes, and a copy of "Dregs" (The official publication of the Oreana Winemaking Company).
Below you find the historical archives. Enjoy!

Cellar Club Dregs Summer 2010   Cellar Club Summer 2010 Eleanor
Cellar Club Dregs Autumn 2010   Cellar Club Summer 2010 Franklin
Cellar Club Dregs Spring 2011   Cellar Club Winter 2010 Eleanor
    Cellar Club Winter 2010 Franklin
    Cellar Club Spring 2011 Eleanor
    Cellar Club Spring 2011 Franklin


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