Oreana Winemaking Company began as a collective of 3 guys who, after a dozen years of friendship, decided on a bit of a lark to intern with Fess Parker at his groundbreaking winery in Santa Ynez. They setup their first production facility in Buellton and, after 3 years of commuting back and forth from Santa Barbara, landed on the then-novel idea of transporting grapes down to Santa Barbara.

Anacapa 205 Woolever2-cropped.jpg

From there, the co-operative facility Cellar 205 was born at 205 Anacapa Street. Thus began the concept of an urban winery, with a mission of activating the community and attracting wine lovers to tastings, public events, and parties in our production facility.


We sponsored the Urban Wine Trail, which has expanded from just seven wineries at its beginnings to nearly three dozen winery members in the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association. Although our original vision was an urban winery, sourcing grapes from local vineyards, our model has evolved over the last couple decades. We are still one of the few functioning and longest lasting wineries in Santa Barbara, located at the center of the dynamically developing Funk Zone.



Definition: Oreana [ô’reä’na]

The name Oreana was pulled from the pages of a John McPhee book relating the history of local cattle culture in the West. It refers to an unbranded calf that has wandered into a new herd - much the way the founding friends of this winery wandered into winemaking. The Spanish language origins of the word seem to refer to a gold (oro) coin that one happens to pick up off the street, a wandering gold piece. There seems to have been an active tradition of finders/keepers in the west - perhaps more literally translated as found treasure or good luck. More favorably to us, though, we trust that it will become your experience of wandering into our winery in Santa Barbara, discovering us and becoming part of our family.